Community Care

“I am so thankful for people who pray and listen to God to see what they are to do. I am so thankful there is a God who listens to His people, who loves them and cares for them and heals them. ‘I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me. Psalm 13:6’” –Sue T.

Community Care is a group of ministries designed to help out those within the church community who are in great need. We don’t want anyone to go through difficult times on their own. If you are in need, please contact us, and we will put you in touch with someone from Hope's Community Care Ministry.


Caring Ministries


  • Christ focused his time and energy on those people who were ill, poor and in painful situations. His compassion opened doorways into the hearts of all people. It was his time, his presence, and his faith that provided for those in need. He was concerned with those who needed help and he always offered them Solace in the midst of their troubles. In becoming more like Christ, we can embrace the sick and poor, those in crisis or pain and we can offer them hope and life in Christ.  We are able to offer them comfort, peace, prayer and strength through our presence and attention. Anyone who can sit and listen can be a part of this very important ministry.

Caring Fund

  • As any church grows there are many who come with physical and monetary needs. The twelve apostles were not able to stop their work of teaching God's Word in order to meet these needs, so the congregation chose a team to put in charge of this work. Recipients are often from Hope Church, but we also extend assistance to others outside our church community.

Prayer Team

  • Prayer is a foundational part of the Christian experience. We believe that prayer, when offered to our Lord, changes things. There are a group of powerful prayer warriors willing to pray for any situation you might have

Feel led to help out?

If you have the spiritual gift of helps or compassion, we'd love to have you on our team.